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The Liberal Arts and Sciences Associate in Arts degree program is designed primarily for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university to continue studies toward a baccalaureate degree in the liberal arts and sciences. It is also suitable for students who wish to engage in an educationally challenging experience for personal growth and intellectual development. The requirements and distribution of courses in this A.A. degree program are similar to the general education requirements in many Liberal Arts and Sciences baccalaureate degree programs. However, since there are variations in the requirements at different four-year institutions, you should check with an advisor to check carefully the specific requirements of the institution to which you intend to transfer.

There are specific pathways within the Liberal Arts and Sciences degree program to help you use this degree as a first step toward a long term goal, such as transferring to Eastern Connecticut State University, transferring to the University of Connecticut, or pursuing selected majors. Your academic advisor will have the details you need. You may also secure a copy of the Pathway Guides for transfer to specific programs and universities at the Student Development Office. Call (860)-215-9017 for information.

Easy Transfer Options

Central Connecticut State University
Eastern Connecticut State University
Sacred Heart University
Southern Connecticut State University
University of Connecticut
University of Saint Joseph

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