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If you are enrolling to pursue a two-year degree, a credit certificate, take college credit classes and/or eventually transfer to a four-year program, continue to read the enrollment instructions on this page.

Connect with a Three Rivers Community College admissions staff member!

Thank you for your interest in attending Three Rivers! While our physical campus will be closed for the remainder of the semester due to COVID-19 restrictions, applications for Fall and Summer enrollment continue to be processed. We know you have questions about Three Rivers, the enrollment process, financial aid, and more. So, we are here online to answer your questions and help you achieve your educational goals.

Meet one-on-one with an Admissions counselor

Sign up here to virtually meet with someone in the TRCC’s Office of Admissions. We can walk you through how to apply, talk about your next steps to enroll and answer any questions you have! We’re available for a face-to-face video meeting or phone meetings from 9 am – 4 pm Monday through Friday. Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch to set up an appointment.

Join a group Webex and get your questions answered

You’ll be able to speak directly with someone from our Admission Department during one of our WebEx meetings. They will be ready to chat about everything from what it’s like to be a Three Rivers student, to applying to the College, applying to the nursing program, and enrolling for classes. These are 1 hour meetings offered multiple times when you can join and leave at anytime during the hour. Sign up here.

Prefer to talk via email?

If you would prefer to e-mail, use the e-mails below, and we will get back to you quickly.

Pursuing a Credit Degree or Certificate Program at Three Rivers?

Please be sure to complete your application at least two weeks before the semester or session begins.  If you previously attended TRCC, with an absence of more than two years, you must complete an application to the college. Refer to the three ways to enroll below. Your acknowledgement and acceptance letters will be sent to the email address you provide — keep an eye on your inbox!

Fulfilling a Requirement for Another College?

If you are a visiting or non-degree student taking a credit course at TRCC to fulfill another college’s requirement, you may be eligible to enroll by completing a Combined Application and Registration form. For more information, go to the Visiting or Non-Degree Student section of this page.

Enroll Online

Online enrollment is the only option while the College building is closed due to the Coronavirus. When the building reopens, enrollment may done in-person in the Admissions Office located in the first-floor A-Wing.

Online enrollment is available for:

  • first-time college students
  • students with prior college experience (transfer in or re-admit)

A valid email is required to complete the online application which can be found by going to the Three Rivers online application.

International Students

Learn more about your admissions process here.

What's Next

Over 67% of our students qualify for financial aid and you may too. Visit our Financial Aid and Scholarship page for detailed information on your options, from Federal Student Aid, to state aid to scholarships. It’s all there.
May 1 – Recommended deadline to be eligible for maximum financial aid

By Connecticut law, full-time and part-time students in degree programs must meet certain immunization requirements. For more information, including exemptions, download and review the State Immunization Policy form (PDF).

Note: your enrollment process can continue while your proof of immunization is pending; however, proof must be provided before you can register for classes.

Proof of high school completion or equivalent is required for students seeking a degree or certificate, as well as students applying for financial aid. Please submit a copy of your high school transcript with graduation date, high school diploma, GED certificate or State High School Equivalency diploma.

Note: your enrollment process can continue while your proof of high school completion is pending; however, proof must be provided before you can register for classes.

Course Placement

Due to the campus being closed through the spring semester due to the coronavirus, Accuplacer Testing has been suspended for the time being.

Every incoming student is assessed for Math and English skills, which may be evaluated in several ways:

  • Prior college courses: documentation of previously earned college-level credits may fulfill your requirement.
  • High school transcript: A copy of your high school transcript (preferred for course placement consideration),
  • SAT and/or ACT scores: if you took these tests, your scores will be included for placement consideration.

How to Submit Required Documents

Submit Immunizations and Proof of HS Completion documents by email or electronically from your high school’s Counseling Office using Naviance or your College Registrars Office using Parchment.


In-Person is not an option while the College building  is closed due to the Coronavirus.

Detailed information on the course registration process will be provided in your acceptance letter.

Meet with an Adviser

Before you can register, you must schedule an appointment with an adviser. Please email and include your name, phone number and email address. An Adviser will contact you to assist you in selecting courses

After students register for their initial semester at TRCC, degree-seeking transfer students should have their official college transcripts sent to the Registrar’s Office for an official transfer credit evaluation and to add these classes to their TRCC transcript.

Payment of fees is expected at the time of registration. Total tuition owed is payable by the payment date deadline specified by the college each semester. Your official financial aid award can be applied as payment. Payment plans are available if you register for 6 or more credits. Contact the Cashier’s Office for more information:

Additional Information If You...

The nursing program has higher academic standards for acceptance than other Three Rivers degree programs, including additional mandatory testing (the TEAS test). Your completion of placement testing and a conversation with an academic advisor will help determine your suitability for this program.

To better understand the demands of the Three Rivers nursing program, please visit the Nursing Admissions page.

Are you unhappy at your current university or college? Are you considering transferring? Three Rivers can be the smart choice for you. It’s not too late to transfer for the upcoming semester. With our extensive degree options and the lowest tuition in Connecticut, transferring can give you a chance to find a major you love, feel more at home and save thousands on your education. Learn more here.

If you indicated during enrollment that you have earned prior college credits (either here or elsewhere) you will receive an email explaining what further information you need to provide, such as college transcripts. You will meet with an advisor who will review your previous college work and help you select classes — you may be exempt from some placement testing and fees.

You are a visiting or non-degree student if you are interested in enrolling in a credit course(s) at TRCC, but are not interested in pursuing a degree or certificate program here. Also, you are a visiting or non-degree student if you are taking a course at TRCC to transfer the credit to another college. You can enroll following the above options, or if you live out of the area, use the Combined Application and Registration Form.

You will need to provide proof of completing any prerequisite required for the course(s) you select; these prerequisites are listed in the course descriptions.

There are three ways that current high school students may enroll at Three Rivers; call our Admissions Office at 860-215-9016 for more information.

  • High School Partnership students: Check with your high school’s guidance office to see if your school participates in the High School Partnership Program, and to get the special application you will need. Your school’s guidance office can also provide you with details regarding placement testing, course availability, fees and costs, and other considerations. For further information visit the High School Partnership website.
  • Early admission: Select students may be enrolled in credit courses at Three Rivers prior to graduating high school. A letter of recommendation from your school counselor or principal is required, as well as demonstration of academic ability and personal maturity. Placement testing and all course prerequisites must be satisfied.
  • College Career Pathways (CCP) students: Check with your high school’s guidance office to see if this program is available: you may be able to take college-level courses for college-level credits within the familiar setting of your own high school. The content and workload of CCP courses are the same as courses offered at Three Rivers, but the instructors are those you know from your own school. For further information please contact the CCP program office at 860-215-9297 or visit The College Career Pathways website.

You may qualify for in-state tuition at Three Rivers even if you don’t live in Connecticut. Residents of Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island are eligible to take courses at the Connecticut in-state tuition rates. Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont residents receive reduced out-of-state tuition rates through the New England Board of Higher Education program. Learn more about Three Rivers tuition and fees.

The Three Rivers community is very much enriched by our students who come from abroad. The process of international admissions is somewhat involved, so be sure you allow yourself enough time to gather all the necessary documentation well in advance of when you plan to attend. Learn more about the admissions process for international students.

As a Veteran, you qualify for benefits provided through the Veterans Administration, and may quality for other benefits such as tutorial services, federal and state financial aid and state tuition waivers.

We stand ready to provide guidance regarding eligibility requirements and the processes needed to access Veterans Administration educational benefits.

Learn more about Veterans educational benefits, how to apply, and more by visiting our Veterans page.

According to the U.S. Department of Education NCES, nearly one-third of all incoming freshman each year are first generation college students who are defined as learners coming from a family where neither of their parents or guardians have obtained a college degree. Students in this category often face obstacles their peers don’t experience, but with the right inside knowledge, they can be successful in their college career.

We’ve found an excellent webpage that is a great start — the First Generation College Student Guide. It provides information on financial aid, checklists, timelines, and more, helping you understand the challenges and unknowns while also offering concrete guidance, support and resources.