General Engineering Technology, A.A.S

Engineering Tech Graduate Arrianna Boyden

“Three Rivers professors and staff inspired me to pursue my dreams and taught me to never give up. My time at the College also gave me the ability to experience and understand what a wide variety of different career paths were possible for me.” Arrianna Boyden, General Engineering Technology, A.A.S. ’17

The General Engineering Technology (GET) program was developed to meet the industry’s need for generalists as opposed to technicians educated in a specific discipline.  This program gives you the opportunity to design an engineering technology curriculum to meet your own individual needs.  GET students are currently employed by Electric Boat, Pratt and Whitney, Connecticut Municipal Electrical Energy Coop, the US Navy, and other southeastern Connecticut industries. Students have also successfully transferred to four-year institutions in Engineering Technology such as Central Connecticut State University School of Technology.

Easy Transfer Options

Bismark State College
Central Connecticut State University
Eastern Connecticut State University
Sacred Heart University
Southern Connecticut State University
University of Bridgeport
University of Connecticut
University of New Haven
University of Saint Joseph
Western Connecticut State University

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Courses & Outcomes

See below for a list of all full-time Department Faculty. Please note that not all listed faculty may teach courses related to this specific degree or certificate program.

Patrick Burton

A.S., Thames Valley State Technical College; B.S., University of New Haven; M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteBusiness and Technologies Department Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Computer Science
Office: C162
Faculty Office Hours (860) 215-9476
Photo of Mark Comeau

Mark Comeau

A.S., Thames Valley State Technical College; B.S., B.Arch., Roger Williams University; M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Licensed-Registered Architect, CT, RI, NY NCARB Board CertifiedBusiness and Technologies Department Department Chair & Professor of Construction Technology
Office: C218
Faculty Office Hours (860) 215-9415
Photo of Aaron Dahlen

Aaron Dahlen

A.A., Northland Community College; B.S., Minnesota State University Mankato; M.S., Minnesota State University MankatoBusiness and Technologies Department Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Technology
Office: C140
Faculty Office Hours (860) 215-9476

Thomas Dobkowski

A.S., Hartford State Technical College; B.S., Central Connecticut State UniversityBusiness and Technologies Department Lab Technician
(860) 215-9449
Photo of Michael Gentry

Michael Gentry

B.S., M.S., Cornell UniversityBusiness and Technologies Department Associate Professor of Engineering
Office: C154
Faculty Office Hours (860) 215-9428
Photo of Diba A Khan-Bureau, Ph.D.

Diba A Khan-Bureau, Ph.D.

A.S., Thames Valley State Technical College; B.S., University of Connecticut; M.S., Rensselaer Polytechnic University; Ph.D., University of ConnecticutBusiness and Technologies Department Professor of Environmental Engineering Technology
Office: C264
Faculty Office Hours (860) 215-9443
Photo of Soumyashree Sahoo

Soumyashree Sahoo

B.A., Krupajal Engineering College; M.A., Konarek Institute of Science and TechnologyBusiness and Technologies Department Computer Science Lecturer
Office: C106
Faculty Office Hours (860) 215-9409
Photo of James R Sherrard

James R Sherrard

B.S., U.S. Coast Guard Academy; M.S.N.E., M.S.N.A., Nav. E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.S.M.E., University of Connecticut; M.S.N.S., Catholic University of America; P.E., MarylandBusiness and Technologies Department Professor of Nuclear Engineering Technology
Office: C-210
Faculty Office Hours (860) 215-9472


Michael Gentry