Tutoring and Academic Success Centers (TASC)

The Three Rivers Community College TASC is the location for all your tutoring needs and more. It includes our Tutoring Center, Writing Center, Math Computer Lab and Language Arts Lab.

TASC is a collaborative team of faculty, staff, students, and community volunteers. We provide a learner-centered environment that facilitates improved performance and persistence for all students. We:

  • offer responsive, accessible, and supportive tutoring for all levels of learners
  • sponsor many types of academic support including one-on-one, group, and in-class tutoring; presentations; and skill-building workshops
  • support faculty by providing additional resources in and out of the classroom
  • help students learn how to learn

Tutoring Services

The Tutoring Center offers supports services such as:

  • Learning Skills Workshops
  • Academic Workshops
  • Adaptive Technology Support
  • Online Resources
  • TRCC Computer Labs
  • Supplemental Instruction (SI)

“Ask TASC” is our online tutoring service. It utilizes TASC’s own staff, so you’re getting the same high-quality service that you would get by visiting TASC in person — the same tutors, the same subjects, and the same familiarity with course content.

Writing Center

The Writing Center gives students the tools and support they need to be successful and independent academic writers. We offer a range of services for students, faculty and staff covering four basic areas:

  • Walk-in and reserved appointments – come by during open hours or schedule an appointment for help with a paper, or arrange regular meetings with a writing tutor.
  • Writing Resources, such as our Writing Center on WordPress, provide information on writing style, grammar, essay basics, plagiarism tutorials, and much more.
  • Email paper submission – For students whose schedule makes it difficult to plan face-to-face meetings, this service provides feedback on their writing via email.

Math Tutoring Computer Lab

 We have 16 computers, each with:

  • text-specific software for most math courses taught at Three Rivers
  • MyMathLab and StatDisk (for Statistics) software
  • Sound cards for using the audio portion of multimedia applications.

Language Arts Lab

The Language Arts Lab offers space for tutoring along with five computer work stations. The computers have the following software for foreign language learners installed:

  • Rosetta Stone for students learning Spanish
  • MyLanguageLab for students learning Spanish

Questions? Contact TASC at 860-215-9082 or TASC@threerivers.edu


Contact TASC at 860-215-9082 or TASC@threerivers.edu