Attending college is an exciting and challenging experience for students. So much is new: courses, people, learning and future opportunities. Along with the exciting, new experiences often come a variety of unexpected experiences. Whether a first-time, returning, or transfer student, there are often challenges to be managed: personal and family life, academics, time, and financial constraints. The Counseling Center supports students during their college journey.

Staffed with dedicated professionals, the Counseling Center offers a full range of academic and personal support services. Counselors work in conjunction with faculty to foster student growth and success. Services in the Center help students clarify and establish meaningful academic, career or personal goals and help them build and implement action plans to fulfill their goals. One-on-one, workshops, assessments and special groups support students as they sort through competing interests and needs to achieve these goals.

Disability Services

The Counseling Center provide services to students with learning, physical, and psychological disabilities. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, students with documented disabilities are eligible for disability services. Students are required to submit a Self-Disclosure Form, provide documentation, and meet with a Disability Service Provider before the start of the semester, if possible. These supports may include:

  • Academic and test adjustments
  • Auxiliary assistance
  • Assistive technology
  • Disability resources and referrals

Personal Counseling

The Counseling Center provides academic and personal counseling to students that enhance their quality of life and success. These supports include:

  • Study Skills and Time management
  • Life/work/study balance
  •  Crisis counseling, intervention, and community provider referral services

Community Resources

Community resources are available and readily accessible to our College community. They include: basic needs, mental health, medical, disability, legal, substance abuse, domestic violence, employment, family, employment, transportation, veteran services and more. Please visit our Community Resources page for a complete list.

Sexual Misconduct and Education

TRCC will not tolerate any form of sex-based discrimination or sexual misconduct. The College shall provide those who report sexual misconduct with many supportive options, including referrals to agencies that provide medical attention, counseling, legal services, and advocacy. Three Rivers shall take all reasonable steps to preserve the privacy of those involved in a report, though complete confidentiality cannot be guaranteed due to the College’s need to comply with relevant laws and to ensure the safety of the campus community.  College employees are expected to make the limitations of reporters’ privacy clear before any details are disclosed.  Students can report to:

Associate Dean of Student Development: Dr. Rebecca Kitchell
(860) 215-9240, Room C131,