What’s Included

Plan your expenses

Your tuition and fees will vary based on whether you enroll as a full- or part-time student, and other factors such as whether you qualify for in-state tuition. Beyond the tuition and required fees of enrolling, you should also plan for certain additional costs depending on your choice of studies.

Additional student costs may include:

  • books
  • general school supplies
  • lab course fee ($91 per registration)
  • studio course fee ($97 per registration)
  • clinical program fee ($312 per Level 1 registration, $223 per Level 2 registration)
  • arts materials (drawing paper, paints, etc.) or equipment (camera, tripod, etc.)
  • specialized calculator required for certain math and engineering courses
  • clinical wear and shoes (nursing studies)
  • excess credits tuition charge ($100) when registered credits exceed 17 per semester
  • payment plan fee
  • fees related to late payments or returned checks
  • on-campus dining
  • on-campus day care