Simple, Supportive Transfer

I transferred to TRCC from a big university when I changed my major to Accounting. I saw they had a program, so it didn’t make sense to pay so much more. I wish I did it earlier, not only for financial reasons, but because of the quality of the education.

—Sean Saunders ’19 Accounting, now at Eastern CT State University

What Sean likes best about Three Rivers:

Easy Transfer:
“Transferring into Three Rivers was easy: you go to one office, talk to an actual person, and they help you get it done. My credits all transferred, so I was able to hit the ground running.”


“I have absolutely no debt from TRCC. I was able to pay out of pocket because it’s affordable. I’m transferring to ECSU for my bachelor’s and I’ll take out some loans for that, but they’ll be relatively small. I really didn’t want to start out my career with a big debt. Even if weren’t such a good choice financially, it makes sense to come here.”

Inspiring & Supportive Professors:
“The best thing about TRCC are the professors. They treat you like a person, not a number. You can tell they are not teaching to make a living; they’re teaching to make a difference.”


“They all have experience in their fields — law classes are taught by lawyers, accounting classes by accountants — and they structure the classes according to the reality of the profession. It was an exciting way to learn because it taught me what to expect when I get in the real world. The teaching at TRCC inspired me to want to learn everything I could about the field.”