We Understand the Balancing Act

TRCC knows that attending college as an adult is a balancing act, so they give you what you need to succeed: classes that fit your schedule, especially evening and online options, along with one-on-one support from faculty.

—Kristina Beaulieu ’19, Environmental Specialist at Docko, Inc.

The same week she graduated with her associate degree, Kristina started work in her dream field: Environmental Engineering. Here’s what she appreciated most about TRCC:

“When I attended TRCC, I had 2 young children and worked a full-time job. It was definitely a balancing act, but TRCC made it possible. They offer more scheduling options with evening and online classes, which made it easier to fit in.”


“The professors are supportive and understanding. They know we have a life outside of college, so they’re readily available to meet us for 1-on-1 support. My advisor knew what I was going through because she did the same thing.”

Career & Life Success:
“I loved the environmental engineering program. I took one class and knew it was the right field. Because the classes are smaller, I never felt overwhelmed or lost in the material. The professors know us personally and we get a lot of one-on-one support.”


“The week I graduated with my A.S. in Environmental Engineering Technology, I started work at Docko as an Environmental Specialist. I want to use my education to help change things for the better. I believe that small steps can make a big difference.”