Part of the community

Half a century ago, Three Rivers had a graduating class of fewer than 100 — how times have changed!

Today our alumni are stakeholders in virtually every major employer and educational institution across the region. We invite all new (or new-ish) alumni to bring their own unique perspective to this legacy.

Building toward the future

The Three Rivers Alumni Association continues to grow: please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement to become involved in our efforts to support the college, its current students, and its long-term goals.

Those goals include continued success for Three Rivers students — that is why the Three Rivers College Foundation* supports scholarships for students of numerous academic disciplines each year.

Join us, won’t you?

*The Three Rivers College Foundation is a nonprofit charitable educational Foundation, incorporated under the laws of the State of Connecticut and granted 501 C (3) tax-deductible status by the IRS. Its purpose is to support the educational efforts of the College, the staff, and the faculty.