Transitional Strategies – Skill Building

Transitional Strategies (TLC)


What is TLC?

Our Transitional Strategies, or TLC, classes are fundamental skill-building courses. These non-credit courses are designed to help prepare students for further instruction in English and math. These beginner classes are for students who plan to continue with a non-credit training program, or a certificate or degree program at Three Rivers.

Course Description

The TLC English course focuses on leading students from the sentence to the paragraph, and provides instruction in reading, writing, and discussion. Writing is taught to help students develop critical thinking skills and organization. Attention is given to spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, word choice, and the development of ideas. Reading skills covered in this course include vocabulary, comprehension, and analysis. The primary goal of TLC English is to prepare students for placement into ENG K096 (Introduction to College English). The TLC English course is twelve weeks long for a total of forty-eight hours of classroom instruction per section.  
The TLC Math course focuses on developing arithmetic, pre-algebra, and early algebra skills as well as college-ready habits. Topics include: performing operations involving whole numbers, signed numbers, fractions, and decimals; simplifying and evaluating algebraic expressions; and solving linear equations of one variable. The primary goal of the TLC math course is to prepare students for MAT K095I. The TLC Math course is 12-weeks long for a total of 48 hours of classroom instruction per section. 
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Please contact Tracy Dickson, Transitional Strategies Coordinator, at (860) 215-9320, or by email to to find out more.

SNAP and WIOA Eligible

SNAP-eligible recipients – Please note this is not an enrichment program. The outcome of this training is employment. Please note that employment may directly impact your disability benefits.

WIOA is a voluntary work program. Participants must be able to work upon completion of the program.