Spring 2021 Dean’s List

Three Rivers Community College is pleased to release the Spring 2021 Dean’s List.

Congratulations to those students who made the Dean’s List this spring!

Students earn their place on the Dean’s List by receiving a 3.4 or higher grade point average based on a minimum of 12 credit hours.

Student Names and Towns

Sophie A. Arustei, Salem, CT
Paige A. Babcock, Niantic, CT
Frederick A. Bacamante, Groton, CT
Lorenzo A. Blanco, Gales Ferry, CT
Kimberly A. Boulay, Norwich, CT
Julia A. Boyce, Foster, RI
Brandon A. Chance, Voluntown, CT
Abigail A. Cossou, New London, CT
Brian A. Dec II, Colchester, CT
Ashley A. Doak, Niantic, CT
Josue A. Escobar, Bethany, CT
Tyler A. Guertin, Norwich, CT
Sarah A. Haggett, Canterbury, CT
Jocelyn A. Hanley, Old Saybrook, CT
Stacey A. Johnson, Plainfield, CT
Lisa A. Joyner, Oakdale, CT
Svetlana A. Kasem-Beg, Waterford, CT
Juliet A. Kimble, Oakdale, CT
Lisa A. Kutneski, Plainfield, CT
Dorie A. Langlois, New London, CT
Kayla A. Lopez, Groton, CT
Malachi A. Meuse, Niantic, CT
Joel A. Ortiz, New London, CT
Adriana A. Peralta-Jimenez, Norwich, CT
Dimitri A. Pia, Waterford, CT
Robert A. Rhoades Jr, Jewett City, CT
Zoe A. Ribeiro, Pawcatuck, CT
Thomas A. Rogers, North Grosvenordale, CT
Richard A. Sadler, Niantic, CT
Katja A. Sieling, Ledyard, CT
Lauren A. Susi, Gales Ferry, CT
Hope A. Tracy, Canterbury, CT
Ariel B. Babbitt, Gales Ferry, CT
Laura B. Chester, Mystic, CT
Chad B. Johnston, Waterford, CT
Lydia C. Clifford, Branford, CT
Dustin C. Durham, Waterford, CT
Andrew C. Haase, East Lyme, CT
Danielle C. LaSalle, Taftville, CT
Lord Han Godric C. Magpali, Groton, CT
Bellana C. Parungao, Gales Ferry, CT
Nichole C. Rodriguez, Preston, CT
Brooke C. Speller, Waterford, CT
Gregory C. Wetzel, Salem, CT
Jermaine D. Beason, Windsor, CT
Brendan D. Bernier, Uncasville, CT
Ingrid D. Burdick, Uncasville, CT
Connor D. Hogan, Old Lyme, CT
Megan D. Kurey, Westerly, RI
Bountai D. McCaffrey, Norwich, CT
Matthew D. McNulty, Willimantic, CT
Alexandria D. Moore, Waterford, CT
Allen D. Murallo, Salem, CT
Derrick D. Otero, Salem, CT
Tyasha D. Pace, Greenwich, CT
Dillon D. Palombizio, Lebanon, CT
Matthew D. Schreiter, Lebanon, CT
Abigail D. Tabilas, Preston, CT
Luis E. Andino, Gales Ferry, CT
Caitlyn E. Anton, East Lyme, CT
Katherine E. Archer, Pawcatuck, CT
Nolan E. Arruda, North Stonington, CT
Meghan E. Babb, Groton, CT
Brooke E. Benedict, Hampton, CT
Kayla E. Brackett, Waterford, CT
Courtney E. Cyr, Canterbury, CT
Eymi E. Delcid, Waterbury, CT
Ezra E. Delgado, New London, CT
Gavin E. Grabowski, Deep River, CT
Payton E. Hall, Gales Ferry, CT
Gillian E. Jordan, Mystic, CT
Lauren E. Kearney, Gales Ferry, CT
Kayleen E. Keefe, East Lyme, CT
Andrew E. LeBlanc, Groton, CT
Julia E. Maranzano, Gales Ferry, CT
Kevin E. McMenemy, Moosup, CT
Cassondra E. Nowland, New London, CT
Sage E. Passarelli, Waterford, CT
James E. Pepin Jr, Norwich, CT
Marissa E. Purcell, Waterford, CT
Mikayla E. Tigner, East Hampton, CT
Ashley E. Werber, Norwich, CT
Cole E. Wilbur, Pawcatuck, CT
Thomas F. Ashton, Groton, CT
Austin F. Egger, Pawcatuck, CT
Emma F. Stilphen, Waterford, CT
Eric G. Anderson, Groton, CT
Karina G. Huerta, New London, CT
Ethan G. Miller, Norwich, CT
Kelsey G. Ng, Ledyard, CT
Devon G. Sousa, Quaker Hill, CT
Stanley H. Beckford, Groton, CT
Jason H. Bowser, East Hampton, CT
Fiona Elizabeth H. Torre, Groton, CT
Eric H. Weissenborn, Willimantic, CT
Hannah I. Carlson, Oakdale, CT
Alisha I. Towpas,z Pawcatuck, CT
Juliet I. Walker, Lebanon, CT
Veronica J. Bowles, Lisbon, CT
Monica J. Brooks, Voluntown, CT
Abimelech J. Caraballo, Norwich, CT
Kelsey J. Coriaty, Norwich, CT
Tiffany J. Delancy, Norwich, CT
Andrew J. Donnelly, North Grosvenordale, CT
Richard J. Gagnier, Deep River, CT
David J. Jones, Uncasville, CT
Aykurt J. Kalican, Quaker Hill, CT
Karissa J. Knudson, Voluntown, CT
Aaron J. Lanati, Salem, CT
Nicholas J. Litke, North Stonington, CT
David J. Medina, New London, CT
John J. Minnifield, Uncasville, CT
Angel J. Molina, Plainfield, CT
Guill J. Pomales-Velez, Fort Worth, TX
Kayla J. Rivera, Moodus, CT
Cameron J. Sousa, Groton, CT
Nicolas J. Spuches, Wethersfield, CT
Tanner J. Suplita, Norwich, CT
Nathan J. Swift, Uncasville, CT
Andrew J. Thevenet, Voluntown, CT
Ryan J. Tramont, Groton, CT
Katherine J. Trejo, New London, CT
Fabri J. Villanueva-Verde, New London, CT
Conrad J. Waters, Preston, CT
Tanner J. White, Oakdale, CT
Nicholas J. Wylie, Canterbury, CT
Aaron K. Brooks, Norwich, CT
Rita K. Coyner, Temecula, CA
Cardell K. McKinney, New London, CT
Brandolf K. Schlieper, Norwich, CT
Braxton K. Smith, Groton, CT
Mariel K. Willbanks, Old Saybrook, CT
Maximilian L. Adamson, Waterford, CT
Charlotte L. Avery, North Franklin, CT
Laurie L. Baker, Ellington, CT
August L. Carignan, Danielson, CT
Franchesca L. Casucog, Norwich, CT
Dani L. Collins, North Grosvenordale, CT
Tamika L. Coppedge, Norwich, CT
Ashley L. Davis, Lisbon, CT
Isabella L. D’Eliseo, Marlborough, CT
Jessica L. Fenner, Preston, CT
Donna L. Flowers, Griswold, CT
Christy L. Gregg, Waterford, CT
Maylyn L. Haydash, Ledyard, CT
Jessica L. Hewitt, Preston, CT
Amanda L. Hutchinson, Johnson City, NY
Carter L. King, Norwich, CT
Vanessa L. Labonte, Taftville, CT
Christina L. Marotti, Wallingford, CT
Cathy L. Marvin, Colchester, CT
Jacqueline L. McGrade, Gales Ferry, CT
Korrine L. Nye, Ledyard, CT
Jennifer L. Paul, New London, CT
Daphne L. Roberts, Groton, CT
Harry L. Sanders IV, Norwich, CT
Coral L. Smedberg, New London, CT
Stacey L. Smith, Taftville, CT
Matthew L. Snyder, Griswold, CT
Brittany L. Stickman, Preston, CT
Cara L. Tingley, Canterbury, CT
Herminia L. Torre, North Stonington, CT
Melissa L. Valenzuela, Niantic, CT
Crystal L. Vallieres, Colchester, CT
Jordan L. Wheeler, Preston, CT
Jherymel M. Adille, Norwich, CT
Joy M. Amarante, Dayville, CT
Selena M. Baker, Waterford, CT
Seth M. Barr, Oneco, CT
Joseph M. Bernardo, Oakdale, CT
Alexa M. Blais, Lisbon, CT
Hunter M. Bossie, Griswold, CT
Julianna M. Cargo, Windham, CT
Jessica M. Coggeshall, Norwich, CT
David M. Donnelly, Branford, CT
Autumn M. Ehman, Waterford, CT
Nicole M. Fisher, Pawcatuck, CT
Carson M. Gibbs, Norwich, CT
Hannah M. Gienau, Pawcatuck, CT
Noelis M. Guzman, Norwich, CT
Erin M. Harris, Ledyard, CT
Alyson M. Hartung, Oakdale, CT
Sean M. Hayslip, Bozrah, CT
Ryan M. Hessling, Waterford, CT
Tara M. Hoyt, Mystic, CT
Theodore M. Kapinos, Bozrah, CT
Steven M. Kind, Uncasville, CT
Susan M. Kobyluck, Oakdale, CT
Leah M. McNeir, Mystic, CT
Lorenzo M. Morales, Preston, CT
Kayla M. Morey, Plainfield, CT
Sean M. Morris, Groton, CT
Quinn M. Ottilige, Canterbury, CT
Tamar M. Pensis, Canterbury, CT
Lillian M. Ramos, Norwich, CT
Cynthia M. Resto, New London, CT
Emily M. Robinson, Uncasville, CT
Andres M. Rosas, Yantic, CT
Dominick M. Saguiped, Uncasville, CT
Fiona M. Saunders, Old Saybrook, CT
Katherine M. Sloan, Coventry, CT
Sister Alexandria M. Smith, Baltic, CT
Jenna M. Topalis, Ledyard, CT
Melissa M. Tucker, Waterford, CT
Kelsey M. Wilson, Waterford, CT
Rhiannon M. Wing, Colchester,CT
Elizabeth M. Wyland, Voluntown, CT
Raleigh N. Aboy, Groton, CT
Julia N. Antezzo, Gales Ferry, CT
Auri N. Baez, New London, CT
Anthony N. Bailey, Griswold, CT
Le N. Czaja, Norwich, CT
Yamila N. Garcia, Ledyard, CT
Alexandria N. Neal, Waterford, CT
Jasmine N. Peterson, Groton, CT
Remanje O. Carter, Jewett City, CT
Ifeoluwa O. Sogunle, New London, CT
Eric P. Belske, Putnam, CT
Andrew P. Lambert, Willimantic, CT
Mariah P. Lupo, North Stonington, CT
Justen P. O’Dell, Groton, CT
Chanel P. Puetz, Baltic, CT
Sean P. Williams, East Lyme, CT
Jessica R. Bell, Groton, CT
Ian R. Carey, Colchester, CT
Devin R. Chenail, Brooklyn, CT
Stephen R. Cloudas ,Mystic, CT
Emme R. Drummond, Ledyard, CT
Maranda R. Hay, North Franklin, CT
Beatriz R. Lawler, Norwich, CT
Cadey R. McCormack, Jewett City, CT
Justin R. Murphy, Niantic, CT
Michelle R. Oliver, Groton, CT
Zeta R. Perry, Norwich, CT
Marcus R. Ploof, Colchester, CT
Jason R. Plotkin, Westerly, RI
Caroline R. Powell, Groton, CT
Liam R. Rubarth-Lay, Ledyard, CT
Kimberlin R. Stanford, Norwich, CT
Gabriel R. Stark, North Stonington, CT
Cassidy R. Stefanski, Uncasville, CT
Nazarene R. Vasile, Norwich, CT
Rachel R. Weed, Gales Ferry, CT
Caitlynn R. Wiese, Voluntown, CT
James S. Arnold, Jewett City, CT
April S. Baker, Colchester, CT
Mustapha S. Bello, Uncasville, CT
Marc S. Bryan, Preston, CT
Nyila S. Carter, Jewett City, CT
Noah S. Carver, Uncasville, CT
Helen S. Funk, New London, CT
Nathaniel S. Horgan, New London, CT
Benjamin S. Kinnie, Griswold, CT
Kshanti S. Livingston, Lisbon, CT
Nicholas S. Niedojadlo, Quaker Hill,CT
Naoko S. Sinrich, Oakdale, CT
Darren S. Swiatlowski, Canterbury, CT
Thomas S. Whitman III, Niantic, CT
Kenneth T. Aanensen, Oakdale, CT
April T. Breen, East Haddam, CT
Michael T. Gibbens, Norwich, CT
Sabrina T. Piccione, Groton, CT
Monn T. Pierre, Norwich, CT
Jake T. Shumbo, Colchester, CT
William T. Tate, Norwich, CT
Joseph T. Zachas, Colchester, CT
Kiera V. Burlingame McCord, Norwich, CT
Elizabeth V. Exley, Canterbury, CT
Gwendolyn V. Glaude, Pawcatuck, CT
Jenna V. Milukas, Quaker Hill, CT
Ankush V. Tolani, Jewett City, CT
James W. Armstrong, Uncasville, CT
Christopher W. Clark, Norwich, CT
Timothy W. Flynn, Ledyard, CT
Andrew W. Kunze, Niantic, CT
Allen W. Lyon, Norwich, CT
Anthony W. Mazzella, North Stonington, CT
Robert W. Warren, Waterford, CT
Ada Y. Davila-Rosario, New London, CT
Maxine Adamson, Waterford, CT
Ramia Alakkad, Groton, CT
Angelina Andreozzi, Westerly, RI
Willy Andujar, Norwich, CT
Enilyan Aponte Febus, New London, CT
Nicholas Ashley, Colchester, CT
Sierra Atchley, North Stonington, CT
Kelly Bailey, Putnam, CT
Larissa Bailey, Putnam, CT
Stephanie Baldwin, Amston, CT
Krystal Banushi, Norwich, CT
Scott Baumgartner, Waterford, CT
Kami Bedingfield, Waterford, CT
Arly Berroa, Norwich, CT
Erik Blanco, Norwich, CT
Briahna Borysewicz, Quaker Hill, CT
Davon Brown, Wauregan, CT
Mercedees Bruton, Norwich, CT
Taylor Burch, Groton, CT
Shelby Burdick, Groton, CT
Lilia Burdo, Norwich, CT
Madison Cann, Old Lyme, CT
Ilia Chavez, New London, CT
Jason Chen, Norwich, CT
Kevin Chen, Norwich, CT
Patience Clarke, Groton, CT
Jessica Cleary, Quaker Hill, CT
Matthew Clunan, East Hampton, CT
Meghann Coers, Taftville, CT
Sarah Collins, Shelton, CT
Melissa Curran, Quaker Hill, CT
Christine Debroisse, Waterford, CT
Lynda Denomme, Mystic, CT
Jeremie DeWitt, Groton, CT
Cris Dias, Norwich, CT
Jennifer Dragon, Bozrah, CT
Tiraa Edwards, New London, CT
Victoria Eisenhauer, Norwich, CT
Savannah Eldridge, Preston, CT
Rida Fatima, Norwich, CT
Chanel Ferguson, Ledyard, CT
Macy Flores, Norwich, CT
Sam Foster, Pawcatuck, CT
Logan Gagne, Groton, CT
Estela Galarza, Groton, CT
Autumn Gardner, East Hampton, CT
Garrett Gasparino, Jewett City, CT
Jessica Gaulin, Uncasville, CT
Valerie Glover, Colchester, CT
Alyssa Gomes-Normil, North Franklin, CT
Kayla Grimshaw, Plainfield, CT
Ethan Hasson, North Franklin, CT
Sean Heald, Pawcatuck, CT
Robert Holland, Preston, CT
Julie Holt, Columbia, CT
Jared Horner, Groton, CT
Aqeeb Hussain, Niantic, CT
Shayne Ignazio, Colchester, CT
Wanaia Jean Francois, Groton, CT
Gere Johnson, New London, CT
Marie Kobar, East Lyme, CT
Anastasia Larionova, Westbrook, CT
Keri-Lin Le, Norwich, CT
Jesse Leckie, Gales Ferry, CT
Renandy Ledoux, New London, CT
Sara Lenney, Mystic, CT
Barry Lin, Uncasville, CT
Benjamin Lisle, New London, CT
Jianyi Liu, Norwich, CT
Jordan Lombardi, Preston, CT
Jared Lovell, Waterford, CT
Bonnie Ludovico, Essex, CT
Brooke Mackin, Jewett City, CT
Sean Massett, Groton, CT
Brianna Matias, Waterford, CT
Franklin May, Jewett City, CT
Dennia Miller, Norwich, CT
Carmen Montoya, Norwich, CT
Ermir Morina, Deep River, CT
Lori Muche, Mystic, CT
Lauren Murphy, Groton, CT
Aviana Nash, Groton, CT
Brandon O’Connor, Putnam, CT
Whitney Orefice, Windham, CT
Jee Eun Park, New London, CT
Lisette Pascual Adames, New London, CT
Diana Pasholli, Waterford, CT
Anima Patel, New York, NY
Jason Pere, Jewett City, CT
Rafael Perez, Waterford, CT
Michael Pettini, Stonington, CT
Sereyvichea Phan, Quaker Hill, CT
Bryauna Phillips, Norwich, CT
Raymond Phonthaphanh, Oakdale, CT
Samuel Pimentel, Salem, CT
Andrew Pires, Columbia, CT
Heather Poole, Oakdale, CT
Nicholas Raill, Colchester, CT
Luke Reynolds, Colchester, CT
MariAnne Rice, Groton, CT
Eunice Rosado, Norwich, CT
Saniya Sabitova, Lebanon, CT
Rut Sanchez, Waterford, CT
Anna Senay, Moosup, CT
Jessica Senphansiry, Waterford, CT
Abigail Simpson, Tolland, CT
Molly Smith, Taftville, CT
Ashley Sparkman, Uncasville, CT
Erin Special, Norwich, CT
Evan Spohn, Quaker Hill, CT
Tanner Spreer, Mystic, CT
Kathleen Stirlen, Colchester, CT
Sara Swift, Colchester, CT
Jennifer Timmons, Colchester, CT
Valerie Torres, New London, CT
Amy Trahan, Norwich, CT
Katarzyna Tylicka, Plantsville, CT
Sabrina Tyree, New London, CT
Toni Underwood-Milan, Ledyard, CT
Sarah Van Valkenburg, Old Lyme, CT
Hannah VanDevander, Pawcatuck, CT
Yamilka Vaquero-Perez, Willimantic, CT
Meiling Wang, Waterford, CT
Rafayel Wassef, New London, CT
Elizabeth Weber, Ledyard, CT
Ara Wilnas, Willimantic, CT
Maureen Zachas, Colchester, CT
Anne Yee Zhang, Uncasville, CT

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