High School Partnership Program

The High School Partnership (HSP) program is currently available for eligible high school juniors and/or seniors who wish to study subjects not offered in high school, broaden their education, earn college credits, explore career options or build on their skills. Students that are selected to participate in the HSP program will be funded for one college course per semester on a space available basis. Special fees, such as course lab fees and art studio fees, books/supplies, and transportation are the students’ responsibility.

High school juniors and seniors attending schools participating in the High School Partnership Program are required to submit a special application available at their guidance office.

NOTE: The HSP Application Packet is available for you to download from the sidebar.

Priority is given to high school seniors. Students are required to take a Placement Test in order to demonstrate ability to succeed in a college level course. Course selections are determined by placement test scores, SAT or ACT test scores (if available), and current high school transcripts.

We are excited to offer your eligible students an early college experience through taking courses on our campus.

Popular Courses with HSP students:

PSY* K111 – General Psychology I

3 Credit Hours
Corequisite: ENG* K101 or ENG* K101S placement or completion of ENG* K096 with a “C#” grade or better.
This introductory course provides an overview of the theories and research findings pertaining to scientific psychology with an emphasis on: the origins of psychology, nature and nuture, human diversity, theoretical models, research methodology, biological bases of thought and behavior, learning  theory, sensation and perception, memory, stress and health as well as emotion and motivation.

SPA* K111 – Elementary Spanish I

4 Credit Hours
Prerequisite: ENG* K101 or ENG* K101S placement or completion of ENG* K096 with a “C” grade or better.
This course introduces the basic principles of the Spanish language and provides a cultural understanding of the Hispanic world. The emphasis of the course is on developing and applying the basic skills of language learning: listening, speaking, writing and reading, through classroom activities. Language laboratory is available.