What is the weapons policy?

The use or possession of weapons (as defined in Section 53-206 of the Connecticut General Statutes) is prohibited on campus or at college activities.

What if the school is closed due to weather?

Notification of weather cancellation is provided through local television and radio stations, on the college’s website, and through the school’s myCommNet communication system to [...]

Do students have Wifi?

Yes. Students log onto the college’s wifi networks using their student ID.

Is there a gym/fitness center?

Yes. Enrolled students have access to the fitness center, which offers a variety of fitness machines and equipment.

Is work-study available?

Yes. The Admissions and Financial Aid departments assist students with the financial aid application process, including determining a student’s eligibility for work-study funding.

Can I bring my support dog to class?

All students with documented disabilities are accommodated; these services are coordinated through the Counseling Center.

Are there resources for military veterans?

Yes. Three Rivers has an OASIS center, as well as counselors dedicated to academic advising and other support specifically for veterans.

Can I live on campus?

No. Three Rivers does not have any dorms.

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