How do I reserve a seat at TRCC for the CLEP test?

For test dates and to schedule your CLEP test appointment. Online at On Campus at the Welcome Center By Phone at 860-215-9016

How do I register for the CLEP test with College Board?

Pay the $80 exam fee at: Create your Account The CLEP Code for TRCC is 3558. Print your CLEP Exam Registration Ticket.

When can I take the CLEP?

Three Rivers offers CLEP tests regularly throughout the year.

What are the CLEP exam transfer equivalencies at TRCC?

For transfer equivalencies, please go to: CLEP exam equivalencies (pdf)

How do I prepare for the CLEP Test?

Study guides for CLEP are located on the College Board website.

What is considered passing?

A score of 50 or higher will be considered passing.