What I need the day of the test?

Your Photo ID Your Student ID Number Two Number Two pencils  

Where do I take the Accuplacer Placement Test?

You will take the test on campus in room A117.

How do I schedule the Accuplacer Placement Test?

For test dates and to schedule your Accuplacer Placement test appointment, have your Banner/Student ID number (ex. @01234567) and go to one of the following: Online at timecenter.com/trcc. On [...]

What is the Accuplacer Placement Test used for?

This test helps academic advisors gain information about your college readiness in math and English. Additional advising tools used to gauge your college readiness include high school transcripts [...]

Who takes the Accuplacer Placement Test?

All new, first-time college students. You must first apply to the college and receive your TRCC Banner/Student ID number (ex. @01234567) prior to scheduling the test.