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Larisa Alikhanova

Mathematics Department Department Chair & Professor of Mathematics
Office: C104 (860) 215-9401 Office Hours
Photo of Kevin Amenta

Kevin Amenta

Humanities Department Associate Professor of Communications and English
Office: C136 (860) 215-9402
Photo of Cynthia Andeen

Cynthia Andeen

Student Services Secretary I
Office: A111 (860) 215-9201
Photo of Allan A Anderson

Allan A Anderson

Technologies Department Department Chair & Professor of Computer Science
Office: C106 (860) 215-9403 Office Hours

Lori A Angel

Human Resources Office Assistant Human Resources
Office: C247 (860) 215-9202
Photo of Olan V Angulo

Olan V Angulo

Information Technology Network Manager
Office: C135A (860) 215-9203

Kumar Appadwedula

Library Library Assistant
Office: C123A (860) 215-9204
Photo of Cynthia L Arpin

Cynthia L Arpin

Nursing and Allied Health Assistant Professor of Nursing
Office: C220 (860) 215-9465
Photo of María Celeste Arrieta

María Celeste Arrieta

Humanities Department Associate Professor of Foreign Language
Office: C112 (860) 215-9404
Photo of Teri L Ashton

Teri L Ashton

Nursing and Allied Health Professor of Nursing
Office: C228 (860) 215-9405

Holly Badalamenti

Workforce Development Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Coordinator
Office: A111 (860) 215-9426
Photo of Betty C. Baillargeon

Betty C. Baillargeon

Office of the President Director of Institutional Advancement
Office: C211C (860) 215-9207
Photo of Victoria A Baker

Victoria A Baker

Information Technology IT Technician II
Office: E110 (860) 215-9208
Photo of Kem Barfield

Kem Barfield

Information Technology Director of Educational Technology
Office: E123 (860) 215-9210
Photo of Todd Barry

Todd Barry

English and Communication Department Assistant Professor of English
Office: C272 (860) 215-9406

Vandana Basu

Science Department Chemistry Lecturer
C170 (860) 215-9429

Richard J Bennett

Business Department Professor of Business
Office: D209E (860) 215-9407

Barbara G Billups

Human Resources Secretary II
Office: C247 (860) 215-9212
Photo of Jon Brammer

Jon Brammer

Tutoring Center Writing Center Coordinator
Office: C117 (860) 215-9214

Arthur J Braza

Business Department Professor of Accounting
Office: C114 (860) 215-9409 Office Hours
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